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Welcome to the website of Guangdong Weidun door Technology Co., Ltd.


1. First hand manufacturers


What you see now is the website of the first-hand direct manufacturer. Click the following link to visit the official website of the fire product testing center of the emergency management department: China fire product information network Our certificate can be found on:

(更多产品详细资质查询可以返回:网站首页-资质荣誉 栏目查看)

(for more detailed product qualification inquiries, please return to the homepage of the website - Qualification and honor column)


2. Advanced equipment


Equipment is the guarantee of quality: the company's equipment includes advanced equipment such as MEC laser machine, Hengli grooving machine, Guangchuan bending machine, laser cold welding machine, spraying line, etc.


MEK laser machine


Constant force grooving machine


Guangchuan bending machine


Automatic spraying and 120m tunnel furnace assembly line


3. Superior geographical location


Weidun door industry is located in Xiegang town of Dongguan City, which is known as the "world factory". With superior geographical environment and advanced management concept, it creates high-quality and high-end products. Under the condition of similar prices, are you willing to choose the rough products from the origin of big goods?


4. Contact number


Switchboard: 4000018116

销售及技术咨询: 周总 13924632720 (长按号码复制可加微信)

Sales and technical consultation: Zhou Zong 13924632720

全国各地代理咨询:郭小姐 13823366971

All over the country: Miss Guo 13823366971

业务部: 赵经理 13682605195

Business department: manager Zhao 13682605195

发货联系人: 唐小姐 13510036220

Delivery contact: Miss Tang 13510036220

网店联系人: 史小姐 13600424660

Online store contact: Ms. Shi 13600424660


The above staff 24 hours for your service, thank you for your presence!


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